A revolutionary approach

Tidal Energy is a revolutionary means of effectively harnessing the natural energy that is massively flowing across the planet. Our technology allows us to harness this power without installing anything on the ocean floor or creating any negative impact on our environment.

We've solved the problem

Our technology addresses and solves the the greatest challenges to the tidal industry. There is no sea-floor attachment, no electrical components, no in-stream tidal turbine, and no reliance on the rising or falling of the tide.

Further, our installation cost is low and provides a short path to commercial availability. Our implementations simple to maintain and provide a low capitalized cost per megawatt hour competitive with other renewable sources of energy. The result is energy that is inexpensive, clean, safe, and perpetually generated.

Simply put... Tidal Energy is the ability to harness the power of the moon and the tide to change the world. Naturally.

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